Government Avails Feeding Rooms For TN Women Police Wing

Government Avails Feeding Rooms For TN Women Police Wing

With the addition of play and feeding rooms, All Women Police Stations (AWPS) in the Tiruchi area are expected to become more family and mother-friendly. Now that the facilities have been supplied, the AWPS in Ariyalur, Manapparai, and Tiruverumbur may use them. The initiative, which was the brainchild of V. Balakrishnan, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Tiruchi Range, aims to reassure women and children attending police stations. Women are proving their talent in many fields, police is also one such department where women are acing. Being a mother could be difficult when a woman is in police department.

To make things easier, playing rooms and feeding rooms are available in all women police stations in Trichy for helping breastfeeding mothers who are working in the department. This is a great initiative by V. Balakrishnan which could help in providing a better work-life balance for women police. These can also be used by other breastfeeding mothers who are not in the department.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Both moms and newborns can benefit from breastfeeding in terms of health. A newborn receives the best nourishment from breast milk, which also promotes growth and development. Also, breastfeeding can assist mom and the baby ward off several ailments and disorders. Babies who are breastfed may be more resistant to several short- and long-term illnesses and disorders. Babies that are breastfed are less likely to develop asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes, and SIDS (SIDS). Babies who are breastfed are also less likely to get stomach illnesses and ear infections.

Breastfeeding is a basic human right, babies need to be fed at regular intervals like how humans need to have food regularly to keep on going and stay healthy. So, having a private room will be really helpful and breastfeeding mothers can nurse their babies with at most comfort.

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