Sushmita Sen Suffers Cardiac Arrest at the age of 47

Sushmita Sen Suffers Cardiac Arrest at the age of 47

On Thursday, Sushmita Sen posted a photo of herself and her father on her official Instagram

account to share the news that she had had a heart attack. Everyone in the business was

horrified when Sushmita Sen made the unexpected admission that she had just had a heart

attack. The actress developed a susceptibility to heart disease despite leading a healthy



According to renowned cardiologist Dr. Ashok Seth, heart attacks are the main reason why

women die. We shouldn't dismiss the fact that it only affects guys, according to Dr. Seth.

According to him, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity at a younger age are the main

causes of the rise in heart attacks. The reason behind the sudden cardiac arrest of Sushmita is

said to be intense workouts, work stress, and sudden change in diet habits. The major artery

was "95 percent blocked" in her. The actress made a point of highlighting the significance of

living a healthy lifestyle, saying, "I know a lot of you will quit coming to the gym and say, "That

did not help her," but that is not good. Recently, Sushmita Sen, in an Instagram live, has

thanked all the doctors and the hospital personnel "for making all of this so pleasant".

The actress has further said that the third season of Aarya 3 would mark her impactful

comeback. I'll be back on the Aarya 3 sets, and I'm going to offer you all a season 3 like never

before, the actress promised. Sure, I will recover quickly. I'm eager to return to the Aarya set.

Everyone will be sitting with their mouths open. Sushmita Sen stated, "A lot of young people

are not surviving heart attacks, thus it is really vital to constantly examining oneself," when

discussing the significance of routine health examinations.

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