Tips To Ace The 12th Board Exams!

Tips To Ace The 12th Board Exams!

12th Board exams have started from today, 13 th Mar, 2023. Students are doing hard work for giving their

best in this examination. According to the timetable, the TN Class 12 board examinations will be

administered in a single shift from March 13 to April 3, 2023. (From 10 AM to 1:15 PM). The 3,169

venues that will host the Tamil Nadu Board Examinations will see the participation of almost 9 lakh

students. Exam instructions and some additional tips for helping students give their best in the

examination are discussed in this article.

Before Entering the Exam Hall:

 Try to reach the examination centre half-an-hour prior to the mentioned time, this will help the

student to calm their mind and also take a glance at what they read.

 School uniform, ID Card, Hall Ticket, Pen, scale, pencil, eraser, everything should be checked

prior leaving the house.

 Due to the COVID, the student must wear a mask, have a sanitizer or gloves while entering the

exam hall.

 Avoid carrying electronic devices like smart phones and watches, scientific calculators will be

allowed in case of physics or commerce examination.


At the exam hall:

 Students will be allowed to the examination hall 15 minutes prior to the given time.

 After entering the exam hall, the student must remain quiet and refrain from any sort of


 From 10 AM to 10:10, the student will be provided with the question paper, the student can

read the question paper clearly.

 Then, the candidate will be verified of their hall tickets and signed.

 Once these procedures are done, the candidate can take their exam and finish before 1:15 PM

 It is advised to finish 15 minutes prior the submission time, this will help to go through the

answer sheet and correct if any mistakes were done in a hurry.


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